per annum = /Hour


Total hourly cost of hiring manager, including super, leave entitlements etc.
Total hourly cost of new employee, including super, leave entitlements etc.
Recruitment Task CalculatorEstimated TimeYour Cost
Review job description and write a professional advert2.5 Hrs
Time posting advertisement on job-boards1.5 Hrs
Advertisement costs -
Resume Screening 4 Hrs
Receiving interrupting calls and correspondence from 'keen' candidates 2 Hrs
Preliminary telephone interviews3 Hrs
Face-to-face interviews of short-listed candidates5 Hrs
Preliminary reference checks of short-listed candidates2.5 Hrs
Final Interviews with shortlisted candidates3.5 Hrs
Final reference checks of selected candidate1 Hrs
Review / draft contract of employment 2 Hrs
Manage offer and negotiations2 Hrs
Communication to unsuccessful candidates2 Hrs
TOTAL Recruitment Cost
Onboarding and On-the-Job Training CalculatorEstimated TimeYour Cost
Trainer/Manager's time spent 5 Days
Employee's time spent in training 5 Days
Cost of productivity ramp-up to
(During the first 3 months, an average new employee performs at LESS than 75% productivity of most other employees)
TOTAL Onboarding Cost
Total Recruitment and onboarding costs per person
Estimated annual turnover cost, based on number of lost employees