Weather in Papua New Guinea

PNG weather has a warm tropical climate, with the exception of the cooler highlands. The climate and the seasons are determined by the north-west monsoonal winds and the south-east trade-winds, which bring in wet and dry seasons.

The rainy season is between December and April, and the ‘dry’ weather normally extends from May through to November when it gets very dry, brown and dusty. Temperatures range between 25 °C to 32 °C  (77 – 90 Fahrenheit) all year round.  Humidity is higher during the rainy season and can be as much as 90% in January. This seasonal weather patterns normally happen each year, but can also occasionally change!

If you are planning on visiting or relocating to PNG, it may be a good idea to start reading this overview here. 

If you want live updates of PNG weather, it may be best to download a weather application on your smart phone to keep up to date.


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