Accommodation in PNG

There are many options for accommodation in PNG. make sure security is on top of your agenda. Ensure that you receive qualified and reliable advice before travelling.

Accommodation in PNG (Port Moresby ) is incredibly expensive and poses a major burden for organisations employing expatriate and FIFO staff. With a soaring demand due to the LNG project, the cost of accommodation sometimes outmatches the salary component of the total remuneration package.  For many people in Papua New Guinea’s capital, being able to just find a place to rent is becoming a dream as property prices continue to soar out of reach.

Current Residential rates are around A$2000 per week for a reasonable high covenant house or 3 Bedroom unit.

Commercial rates in Port Moresby range from $300-400 sqm – if you can find it.

Your accommodation in PNG will be based on a number of factors – needs, budget and your job location.  We recommend that you use Google to further research your accommodation in PNG options.

We also recommend that you seek professional advice from an experienced travel consultant. Here is a link to one of the many accommodation sites available on the web.


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