Jobs Cairns and Queensland

Are you looking for work in Cairns? There are many opportunities in the region and with the assistance of a company like Signature Staff, you are left to enjoy the region’s lifestyle whilst we do most of the hard work! All the tedious and time-consuming tasks are done for you, such as writing introductory letters and arranging appointments with prospective employers. And there is no charge for these services for job-seekers!

Business in Cairns enjoys a relaxed pace. Suits and ties are rarely seen, although this aspect is probably driven by our tropical climate more than anything else.

There are a large number of current and future construction projects in development, resulting in qualified tradespeople being in constant demand.

The commercial and retail sectors also provide serious opportunities within the region for Senior and Executive, Finance & Accounting, Administration, Legal, Sales & Marketing and Human Resources.

Personnel for the Health and Community Services are also being sought.

The Cairns economy continues to experience extremely positive tourism activity indicators with over 2.5 million visitors to the region annually. With 20% of the region’s jobs directly related to tourism, this sector is constantly seeking personnel on all levels.

Cairns is a region renowned for its transient staff. Leading operators recognise the importance of retaining their most important asset, human resources. Consequently most organisations have sophisticated career development programmes, including certifications, cadetships, supervisory workshops and management trainee programmes. If you are willing to stay in the region for some time and dedicate yourself to the task at hand, you may experience a short track to a professional career.

Signature Staff offers jobseekers a wide range of job prospects locally and interstate as well as career counselling. Signature Staff has the contacts and knowledge to guide you in the right direction. There are dozens of vacancies listed on the Signature Staff web site – make sure to check our job board out here


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