Cairns Weather

Cairns’ tropical weather is nothing short of sensational – particularly between April and December. The annual wet season occurs between January and March with torrential rainfalls, high to medium temperatures and ongoing humidity.

For first time visitors to Cairns, this time of year could be a bit uncomfortable, especially if you are used to a Southern or European climate.  But with Cairns’ tropical weather, it produces spectacular sights such as cascading waterfalls and vibrant rainforests brimming with life. It is also the best time of year for a fantastic fishing experience as Barramundi and other tropical fish are most active when the water temperature is at its warmest.

During the cooler months of June to August you might encounter locals complaining about the ‘bitter cold’. After all, the temperature gets down to a ‘freezing’ 15 degrees Celsius (60 F) overnight.

For regular updates on Cairns Weather click here (Bureau of Meteorology)

Diverse in natural tropical riches, colourful and stylish, Cairns has something to offer everyone. We hope to see you soon…..


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