Living & Working in Cairns

Visiting and working in Cairns provides visitors and residents with a great lifestyle. With the wonders of Great Barrier Reef only minutes away, the Wet Tropics Rainforests in our backyard and plenty of world-class hospitality facilities.

How things have changed since Captain James Cook sailed up the North Queensland coast in June 1770 and discovered the site where today’s City of Cairns is located! Due to the rugged terrain, difficult waterways, tropical diseases and dangerous animals such as crocodiles, it took a further 100 years before white settlement would become established in the region.

It would have been impossible for those early explorers to predict that this area would eventually turn into one of the world’s most sought-after destinations. Cairns is now a truly spectacular place in which to live and work. In 1984 Cairns was transformed from a sleepy regional town to the thriving City it is today through the opening of an International Airport and the subsequent tourism boom.

“Diverse in natural tropical riches, colorful and stylish, Cairns has something to offer everyone”.

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