Complete Recruitment and Selection Package

$318.18 + GST

A complete package with all the help you need to select the right person for the job from advertising, screening stage and all the way through to appointment.

Written by professionals, up to date and compliant with current Australian legislation, 100% money back guarantee and 2 years Free Document Review Service all included in the price

All products within this package can be purchased separately HERE or Contact us for further information

e-Delivery within the same day – This package includes a complete set of check lists, templates and forms, ensuring important information is not overlooked.

Don’t fall into the trap of spending hours your valuable time searching for free stuff on the web when you already have found what you are looking for.

Simply get what you want and get back to being productive!

Your package includes:

  • Recruitment Request Form
  • Job Description Template
  • Recruitment Process Checklist
  • Online / Print Advertising Template
  • Job Application Form
  • Pre-Screen Questions Form
  • Interview Checklist
  • Interview Form  – Entry level staff
  • Interview Form  – Management staff
  • 150+ Sample Interview Questions including behavioural style
  • Reference Check Forms (Entry level and Management) 
  • Unsuccessful Letter Template
  • Letter of Offer Template
  • Contract of Employment Templates (Casual and Permanent)

Sample PDF

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