That’s why we’ve designed a range of flexible, cost-effective and time-saving recruitment options. We’re on stand-by to learn about your business’s needs and help you tap into the most effective recruitment solutions for your business.


Need a star to turn your business around? With most top performers already employed, our ‘human element’ has what it takes to bring highly sought-after talent to the hiring table. Enter RECRUIT SEARCH, a premium service that guarantees your business access to the best candidates for senior or specialist roles. Includes:

  • DEDICATED RECRUITMENT TEAM who understand your business’s objectives and the intricacies of personnel management.
  • EXTENSIVE SOCIAL MEDIA SEARCH CAMPAIGN with coverage across all online professional networks
  • DEEP PROFILE SEARCH across our extensive database of top-tier job-seekers
  • VIDEO MARKETING to bring your campaign to life
  • FULLY TAILORED APPROACH to fulfill criteria specific to your specialist role


Need to find staff for common or entry level positions, but don’t have time to shift your focus from day-to-day demands of your business? Our RECRUIT INTEL combines agency resources, innovative technology and two decades of staff recruitment experience to source, shortlist, screen and interview your next staff member – without the frustration, time-wasting or hefty price-tag! Includes:

  • PROFESSIONAL JOB AD COPY WRITING that positions you as an employer of choice and attracts perfect-fit candidates.
  • ADVERTISING for optimum visibility across major job boards including SEEK plus strategic social media coverage.
  • DATABASE SEARCH Exclusive access to our job-seeker database to fast-track a match with hand-selected candidates.
  • SCREENING + SHORTLISTING Cringe at the time wasted processing, ranking and shortlisting hundreds of applicants in the past? Recruit Intel helps you work smarter, not harder.
  • PRELIMINARY INTERVIEWS that’ll give you critical insights on experience, personal traits and suitability.
  • PROFESSIONAL RECOMMENDATIONS You’ll receive no-nonsense recommendations on the applicants who’ll propel your business forward.
  • CALL-BACKS Dread advising unsuccessful applicants? We take care of that for you.
  • NO HIDDEN FEES for hiring additional staff from one campaign.


Overwhelmed by hundreds of applications? Concerned that rushing the short-listing process will overlook the best staff? Worried your reference checks aren’t giving you the full picture? RECRUIT ASSIST is a light, flexible service that saves employers time, money and headaches, and lets them focus on what they do best. Ready? Simply flag the individual tasks you don’t have time for and our expert team will take care of them for you.

  • Job Ad Copywriting
  • Advertising
  • Shortlisting Candidates
  • In-depth Interviews
  • Skills Testing
  • Reference Checks
  • Contacting Unsuccessful Applicants
  • Psychometric Assessments
  • DISC Behavioural Profiling
  • Workforce Planning
  • I was too busy to work on the recruitment process for a new staff person, and working with Signature Staff was just what I needed. I can't tell you what a relief it was for them to take this job off my hands. Vlasta and her team were thorough, communicative and went beyond what I expected. I even got a spreadsheet with all of the short listed candidates with details of strengths and responses, etc. My first choice was also the one they recommended, so we were on the same page with that. Vlasta even spent the time to come to our office and talk with me and the staff to get a feel for what kind of team we are so the best possible person could be chosen. Bravo, Signature Staff!

    Laurie Pritchard Small World Journeys
  • We recently appointed Signature Staff to fill a senior position in our organisation. We required a unique skill-set from both operation and finance, which is very difficult to find. I was impressed with the creative sourcing strategy Signature Staff developed for us which ultimately found the ideal candidate we were seeking. I am grateful for their expertise and I absolutely recommend their services to organisations that need recruitment support.

    Damian Lynth Cairns Colonial Club Resort - General Manager


If your next candidate isn’t retained past the guarantee period, we’ll find you a new candidate or issue you with a full credit.


Isn’t it great when business hits a busy peak? That is, of course, until staff are stretched to capacity, unnecessary mistakes are made and your opportunity to capture a spike in revenue is lost.

Our TEMPORARY AND CONTRACT STAFF SERVICES will ensure your business doesn’t miss a beat – or profits – during operational peaks, increased seasonal demand, unexpected projects or temporary staffing gaps.

  • “Your advice throughout the process was appreciated and the final candidates are top class. I will be recommending you to other businesses for sure.”

    Matthew Connolly Expressway Signs


  • Accounting and Administration
  • Human Resources
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Mining and Resource
  • Warehouse and Transport
  • Industrial Trades
  • Customer Service
  • Call Centre Positions
  • Hospitality and Tourism
  • Chefs and Catering
  • Accommodation and Cleaning


Ready to fill a position? First, we’ll match your requirements to best-fit candidates across our database and extensive networks. Next, you approve selected candidates. Then, you onboard them to your business and payroll for the agreed timeframe.

DON’T NEED STAFF FOR LONG? We keep our fees fair.  Our fee is based on the length of employment and the number of weekly hours.

TOO GOOD TO LET THEM LEAVE? We’ll help you attract, recruit and retain the best staff for your business with our extended services.

NO CHEAP AND NASTY OUTSOURCING. No faceless departments. No answering services. You’ll speak directly with an experienced recruitment manager, no matter the time of day. (Yes, really)


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