Safety Videos: Toolbox Safety Training

Toolbox safety training for “Safety Moments” initiatives has become an integral part of workplace safety training in recent times.

But it doesn’t need to be boring!

These Tool box safety DVD packages below have been designed for maximum engagement and “buy-in” from your staff.

In case the term “toolbox training” isn’t known in the same way all around the world, it basically means a short but punchy training session that doesn’t take a lot of time (i.e. between 5 and 30 minutes), but uses media rich resources like the examples below to keep workplace safety awareness top-of-mind for workers.

Each toolbox safety meeting package is not just a toolbox DVD, it also comes with CD, bursting with tools and forms to assist you to conduct fully documented safety training with your staff.

You are able to buy them separately or as a complete package.


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