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There is a plethora of resume postings through online forms or emails. When the employers scrutinize each resume, they all end up looking like the same. Certainly, when you are among hundreds of other prospective employees, you need to establish yourself from the scratch i.e. your C.V should be the “front-runner” in the competition.

It is really very difficult for many employees to ensure that their C.V stands out from the crowd. Many resume databases have even started deleting files after a certain time period. Here are certain tips on how you can make your C.V stand out from the crowd.

1. Create a “key-word” rich resume

Many company resume databases and recruiters look out for resumes using keywords. It is similar to how you would search for a restaurant on Google by entering the key criteria. So if your resume does not include related keywords, then it won’t be included in the results. Remember, the equation for a C.V to stand out from the crowd is: An excellent resume + Keywords = Job opportunities.

2. Brand your Resume

Employers do emphasize a lot on your education, residential address, email address and cellular number, but they look for the creative flair in you. They want to know how you have been performing duties in the past, how did you make a dull job interesting, what were your career advancements, etc. Once you identify these areas, mention them in your C.V and turn yourself into a brand employee.

3. Make your C.V easy to comprehend

Try your level best to avoid mistakes as much as possible. Keep the formatting very simple which should be easy to understand. Use a font that is legible and not too fancy but something different from the usual Arial or Times New Roman fonts. It will be very easy for the employer who has gone through hundreds of resumes to pick your C.V that will be different and easy to understand.

4. Add a link

Professional and social networking sites have become the center point for recruiters and job seekers. The most popular ones among employees and employers are Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. Add all these links in your C.V. If you run a blog or contribute elsewhere, mention those links on your resume as well.

5. Demonstrate a positive personality

It is important that you use positive language so that the employer gets a positive impression of your personality. Your choice of words impacts how your resume is distinguished from hundreds of others. Your online C.V should be dressed to impress and it must speak loud and clear.

Use as many resources as you can find to make your resume stand out from the crowd.

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  • Gerald Camp

    which universities would you recommend for a Finance Management course in London?

    • vlasta

      Hi Gerald,

      Not able to help you with this, we are based in Australia.

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