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Over 20+ Years Work Experience

Resource Management

Keith managerial experience in Defence has given him an excellent opportunity to develop skills in the area of Human Resource Management. He was trained and has experience in succession planning, career development, personnel administration, recruitment and selection. In addition to formal qualifications in resource management gained through numerous management and promotion courses, Keith has extensive practical experience in managing physical resources.


Throughout Keith’s career he has been privileged to exercise leadership of multi-skilled teams across a range of business functions. Keith’s role as leader encompassed responsibility for the performance, development and administration of diverse teams, and involved working under pressure to meet deadlines in challenging circumstances. Keith’s current position is a senior appointment for which he is regularly required to make independent assessments and decisions.

Commercial Acumen

Management experience gained across a range of Defence businesses has allowed him to develop strong commercial acumen and all-round leadership, strategy and execution skills. The development of his commercial skills has been refined in dynamic environments where it was necessary to adapt readily to changes in technology. He has been directly responsible for communicating the corporate plan to the workforce, developing strategies for achieving business goals and monitoring results against key performance indicators to ensure plans were being achieved.

Teamwork & Interpersonal

In all appointments, he has been required to act as both leader and team member. These experiences have deepened his awareness of group dynamics and methods of dealing with conflict. The ability to work both as a member of a team and autonomously is essential in an organisation with the many semi-independent and inter-dependent units that Defence has. Keith has managed teams as large as several hundred and as small as 3 members and have always enjoyed a good rapport with them, both at work and socially.

Communication Skills

As a senior manager with the Australian Defence Force, both his written and spoken communication skills were required to be of an extremely high standard. He has developed a high degree of literacy and an ability to communicate in a fluent manner on a wide variety of topics and issues. In addition, he has extensive experience of report writing and delivering presentations in many settings. He has also undertaken training in presentation skills, negotiation skills and listening skills for customer service.

Financial Management

Throughout his career, he has been responsible for budgeting, forecasting, auditing, preparing and submitting financial reports, and general control of business finances and assets. Keith exercised financial delegation and managed funds associated with capital and discretionary expenditure.

Some of Keith’s Skills and Qualifications:

  • Diploma in Government
  • Diploma of Resource Management
  • Diploma of Frontline Management
  • Certificate IV in Training and Assessment
  • Certificate IV in Training and Management
  • Certificate IV in Business (Frontline Management)
  • Workplace Health and Safety Officer (Construction, Industrial, Service Based Workplaces)
  • Medium Rigid Drivers Licence (MR2)

If you wish get in contact Keith please call Vlasta on +61 (0)7 4050 3888

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