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job description is like a GPS, it gives directions in safe and accurate way to the correct destination.

It is not just list of duties.

Job description is a working document and offers several benefits

  • Clearly defined duties, responsibilities and accountabilities to the employee prior to commencement
  • Creates an understanding between the employee and the employer.
  • Guideline for WHS
  • Utilised for future performance reviews and recruitment process
  • Guideline to create a job advertisement, an interview template
  • Outline responsibilities and how they are measured
  • Accountabilities and ownership
  • Using them at exit interviews to identify any required amendments


An effective job description should have the following

Job Title

Main Purpose: What is the objective of the position

Reporting Line: For example; Reporting to the General Manager

Tasks and Duties: This section contains a brief description of the duties relating to this position.


Key Accountabilities and Indicators of Effectiveness: This is probably one of the most important parts to include on the job description, however, is solemnly done

  1. Identify what the key focus of the position is (usually 3-5) and;
  2. How the employee and the manager will measure the level of success of each

Skills and Qualifications: List of critical skills, experience and qualifications which are required to be competent in the job.

Attributes and Traits: It is important to be clear on what kind of traits and personality type you are looking for, who will fit into the role and your culture.



To cement the importance of the document and to indicate that the employee understands the essential functions of the position, ensure that the document is endorsed with signatures from both parties


Things to avoid when writing Job Descriptions

Make references to anything that discriminates applicants (e.g. religion, race, sex, age, physical or mental disability, national origin and nationality). Try also to avoid the common phrase “minimum of xx years of experience” as it could be perceived as age discrimination.


Job description should be a working document that identifies how successful the employee preforms his/her role and you are able to perform manage them in effective manner.


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