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I have conducted anywhere between 10 to 30 interviews a week, adding up to quite few over the last 2 decades… you do the count…

With a solid exposure to the industry over time I have acquired a wealth of valuable knowledge. The more you practice, the better you get at it…. So, I thought it be timely to share some of my knowledge with you.

Handy Tips About Welcoming Candidates

Remember that most interviewees are nervous. To get the best out of the interview and getting to know your potential employee better, act like a host and try to make them feel welcome and at ease.

How do you do that?   Generally small chat; Don’t be too formal.

’How is your day so far?’  ‘Did you find the place ok?’  Compliment them on something: ‘Hey – That’s a nice shirt you got there’

The key to a good interview is to be well prepared 

Check each CV for accuracy and gaps in employment.

Why did they leave their last 2 positions?

Prepare an interview template that you can follow. This will ensure that you are asking the same questions to all the applicants.

Your interview template should include:

  • Basic information on the candidate (name / position applying for / contact details etc)
  • Skill specific questions
  • Behavioural style questions to highlight the characteristics and attributes you are looking for

If possible, conduct reference checks prior to the interview, this can spark up some good conversation.

Listen with clarity

If you miss anything ask them to repeat it and encourage the interviewee to share as much relevant information as possible.

Stay focused

Encourage each candidate to speak out but stay focused on the interview process and keep control through asking the right questions. Don’t let the candidate hijack the interview.

Don’t lose track of your main objective:

Hiring the best person for the job!

Encourage the candidate to voice their opinion

Ask the candidate their view on the position they have applied and some inside into your industry. If your applicant has truly researched your company and industry, they will be able to answer your questions with confidence and authority.

Conducting an effective interview and keeping to the same format will highlight the best person quicker.

You can find a number of helpful tools on our website, including ‘150+ interview questions’, interview forms and blog posts.

Still unsure on how to conduct an effective interview?

Give Vlasta a call on 07 4050 3888 or email

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