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What is ‘Workplace Culture’ really about?

Let’s start with what it’s NOT.

Having a modern kitchen with an espresso machine is NOT.

The cookie jar – (even though that would score some brownie points with me) is NOT.

Culture is the heartbeat of the company and it starts with the top-brass. The CEO, the Owner, the GM.

Feeling Valued 

A few years ago I worked for IHG Hotels. They built their brand on a high-performance culture, driven by creating an engaging and inclusive environment. During my time at the Hotel, Peter Blackburn the GM had a morning routine of walking around the hotel and engage in small, friendly conversations with staff, showing care and a genuine interest in the people he employed. I had only been there a few weeks when he came to me, greeting me by my name. A small thing, but it made me feel really valued and part of the team. I certainly always did my best working for the hotel form that point on.

Genuine care must be built directly into the company culture—not as an extra benefit, but as a foundation. These kinds of workplaces inspire loyalty, happiness, health, and success.

As a business owner/CEO you must lead by example and here are few ways how you can achieve that:

  • Get to know your employees – Find out what is going on in their life and what is important to them
  • Be approachable so they feel comfortable to knock on your door
  • Inclusivity – ensure all staff feel part of the big picture, your vision, mission and values
  • Do not practice ‘micro-management’
  • Offer feedback, recommendation and commendation
  • Practice kindness and empathy
  • Respect all your employees as colleagues, regardless of what position they hold
  • Share your successes and failures
  • Ask people what they want
  • Organise a group activity, contributing to a worthy community cause

Building a great culture is not an easy task to start with, however if you persevere, you will reap great benefits including efficiency, productivity, innovation, less absenteeism, a stable workforce and HAPPY EMPLOYEES who genuinely want to be there.

If you need assistance with building a strong culture and / or workforce planning, please give me a call on 07 4050 3888 or drop me an email:

Author – Vlasta Eriksson

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  • Georgina Bea Wilde

    Hi Vlasta
    I totally agree and I keep looking

  • Carol

    What a shame your philosophy is not in every business. You’d be surprised with the epidemic of bullies and power trippers there are out there. Just ruining lives.

  • Roger Fox

    I completely agree that genuine care must be built directly into the company culture—not as an extra benefit, but as a foundation.

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