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Local Businesses are urged to get on board and take advantage of current and up-coming projects.

$10 billion worth of projects have been identified at a major project forum in Cairns.

Some of the projects mentioned: Cairns Base Hospital Redevelopment, Cairns Airport Upgrade, Lotus Glen Prison Extension and a range of mining projects as outlined on Cairns.com.au on the 18th of November.
A small proportion of these projects are under current construction. Local community will not see an immediate relief to our unemployment rate, sitting at 12.3% for the September quarter according to The Sydney Morning Herald.

Advance Cairns Chairman Mr Russell Beer said, “the difficulties that the region is facing, which are highlighted by record unemployment rates, have forced the call for urgent and real assistance from Canberra and Brisbane”.

Advance Cairns, Cairns Chamber of Commerce and TTNQ have developed a plan “A NEW DEAL”. The plan’s three main components: Relief, Recovery and Reform aim to drive our region’s economy from tourism to construction industries to face our high unemployment figures, which are the highest in the country.

“We are bleeding, and many tourist operators are already on their knees, and there is no way that some of them will survive until the next tourist season without help” as outlined by Chair of Tourism Tropical North Queensland Bill Calderwood.

Last week the Department of Bureau of Statistics released the new unemployment figures showing a rate at 8.1% for the month of October. We suggest to be cautious of these figures and wait for the quarterly figures which indicate a more realistic reflection of the true unemployment rate.

The incredible high population leakage as indicated on Cairns.com.au on the 23rd of November where 4600 people have left Cairns in the month of October, showing an alarming sign for our region. What would this mean to Cairns in six months?

This week a delegation from Cairns lead by Jim Turnour, Member of Leichhardt will be meeting with the Federal Ministers in Canberra for further discussion on the “The New Deal” plan.

Parties involved in the delegation included Advance Cairns, Cairns Chamber of Commerce, TTNQ and Mayor Val Schier. Stay tuned for a hopeful outcome.

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