CV is Your Prime Real Estate – So Why Blow it?

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Success Symbol Concept with white eggI have been recruiting now well and truly for over 20 years and I have to admit, it still surprises me that some jobseekers do not put enough effort into their CV. Why not invest into your own real estate.

Your resume is the one and only marketing tool you have to grab the attention of your prospective employer, so why blow it?

Before I touch on the dos and don’ts; I like to share some statistics with you.

  • 78% of resumes are misleading
  • 21% state fraudulent degrees
  • 29% show altered employment dates
  • 40% have inflated salary claims
  • 33% inaccurate job descriptions
  • 27% give falsified references

The most important message I can give to all jobseekers. Do not exaggerate, (or worse – lie) this can be embarrassing when the decision-maker verifies your information.

A resume is your essential sales tool; hence a well-presented resume is crucial to a successful job search. An effective and well-written resume will assist your prospective employers in searching through the information in efficient and easy way. If your resume displays your skillset, qualification and values which align with the job and the company; there will be no doubt that your resume will be place on top of the pile and processed to the next recruitment stage.

Here are some tips that will help you create an effective, a professional resume that will enhance your chances of employment (A poorly written resume will do the opposite).


  • Ensure your resume does not have any spelling and grammatical mistakes. You might be forgiven when applying for some positions but not others; especially positions that consist of administrative tasks.
  • Do not use different fonts and colours unless you are applying for a graphic designer’s position or similar. Keep you CV clean, stylish and un-cluttered.
  • Don’t list your work experience in chronological order (Your oldest position first) You should list your most recent position first, followed by the 2nd latest position and so on. Your most recent experience is what is of most interest to a hiring manager, not what you did a decade ago!
  • Don’t over crowd your CV with information that is not necessary for the position you are applying for, meaning your hobbies unless it complements the position or perhaps the subjects you have completed at school. Remove any extra information which is not relevant or it does not support your application.


  • Try to keep your resume to 2-5 pages depending on length of employment (If your employment history is long and varied, try to focus on the positions that are relevant to the position you are applying for)
  • List qualifications, certifications, key skills, awards and achievements, however keep your written references and any original documentation in a portfolio. These can then be used for verification purposes at interview.
  • Use bullet points, refrain from the use of jargon and minimise the use of pronouns such as “I” and “we”.
  • Have an opening statement to describe your objectives, values, aspiration and brief summary of your experience that supports the position you are applying for.

I would suggest inserting a link to your social media profile such as Linkedin if it will support your application. Employers often look on Social Media platforms to do some background checks, so why not make it easy for them and give them information that you wish to share. Make sure your social media profile is professional.

Here is an outline of a good functional resume

First page

Personal Details:

Attractive businesswoman is standing near her office. She is meeting her colleague and waving her arm. The lady is looking forward and smiling. She is holding a tablet

  • Name
  • Social Media Profile
  • Residential Status
  • Address
  • Phone Details
  • Email Address
  • Objective/Professional summary and highlight how it will the prospective employer.
  • Education
  • Qualifications and/or current studying details
  • Relevant Certificate Courses
  • Further Training and skills
  • Computer Skills including programs, software and general admin capabilities
  • Awards and Achievement
  • Community involvement
  • Language skills (other than English)

Subsequent pages

Employment History in reverse chronological order by starting with the most recent position first:

Date started and date finished (month and year only)

Company name, Location (inserting links to the company website is useful)

Your job title

Briefly summarise your duties, responsibilities & Achievements (Milestones)

Last Page:

List referees in order of relevance.

Remember to ask your referees permission, before including them.

Include referee’s name, title, name of company and his/hers relationship to you as well as contact telephone and email.

Here are some examples of information that is not required or relevant. In most cases this would be considered as discriminating if a prospective employer would ask for this information.

  • Your Date of Birth (or Age)
  • Your Nationality, Country of birth
  • Your Gender
  • Your religious or political views
  • Your marital status
  • Dependents / Children
  • Any health concerns unless they are relevant to the duties of the job you are applying for

There are always exceptions to the rules. If the job advertisement is specifying certain qualities and values, which you have then consider disclosing the information as it may support your application.

For example: While applying for an interpreter’s role, you could mention that you were born in the relevant country and that it is your native language.

Something else to consider:

Write a cover letter to support your application in which you address the key criteria.

If you are looking for a career change and applying for positions that you do not have experience and skills in than ensure that your CV will is written in a specific way showing your transferable skills, your values and character.

Main points for you to take away:

Do not lie

Spell & Grammar Check

Ensure the information is displayed clearly and in an organised manner


For any help, please visit our Signature Staff’s Career Help or send me an e-mail


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    Wow thanks Vlasta – great info on here…so much has changed since i last had to do a Resume..Might send you mine before i send it out to look over for any changes or suggestions?…

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    The information you shared here is unique and informative which is very rear to see nowadays.
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