Build a Stronger Team in 2020

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Behind every successful business, there’s a strong team and behind every strong team, there is a great leader.   As we approach the end of the year, what will you do to take your team to the next level?

Don’t catch End-Of-Yearitis

It is relatively easy to catch the dreaded ‘End-Of-Yearitis’.  Often the sufferer let opportunities pass and put everything on hold until Australia day the next year. Buck the trend, seize the moment and plan ahead. Not only will you close out the current year on a high note, it will set you up for a great year ahead.


Leadership is a tough gig which can be very difficult for someone who’s inexperienced.   Problem is, when leaders are ineffective, insincere or lead by fear, it breeds a toxic culture and sends top-team members racing to update their resumes. People don’t leave jobs; they leave managers… On the other hand, successful leaders create strong teams that can easily thrive without them. They empower their team to make decisions based on business issues, not blindly following orders.

Top-Tips on Building a Strong Team

I have seen many teams at different organisation and believe the best approach to a strong team is diversity. Remember that building a strong team isn’t just about hiring staff with strong technical skills; make sure they are a good fit for your culture.  Having said that, the ‘cultural’ is not about hiring stereotyped personalities; it’s about having an inclusive atmosphere at your workplace, making each team-member feel valued and a true part of the team.

The Secret Sauce

We all know the Golden Rule; Treat people how you want to be treated. Whilst respect is invaluable, great leaders take it to the next level. “Treat people how they need to be treated” is how they think. In a diverse team, everybody is different.

Get to know the individuals and communicate with them in their own style, not yours. By interacting in this way, you will meet their needs and break down communication walls that may exist. This will also help reduce conflict and cultural misunderstandings.  However, before you start looking at others, it’s a good idea to first determine what interaction-style you have. DiSC profiling is a great place to start. It’s is a non-judgmental tool that lets you determine your personality profile. It’s quick and easy to understand.

Once you have determined your own style, you will notice that it is easier to interact with similar people, as you tend to value the same approaches.  Now think about the people who are challenging to you. What style do you think they are? What approach would they prefer? This is your first clue.

The next level is to train your team to follow the same principals. Look for team training programs and team-exercises that teach individuals how to apply the skills of flexing to others.

Checklist for great leaders in 2020

  • Review your organisational chart, ensuring it’s up-to-date and relevant
  • Review your job descriptions, ensuring key accountabilities are covered
  • Book a team-planning session and map out the year ahead
  • Set your business goals with your team, thus ensuring everybody shares the same vision
  • Ask your team to review your performance as a leader (Are you game enough?)
  • Have fun!

The better you are at providing others what they need, the better team you will have.

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