Manage Workplace Health & Safety Risks in 5 Simple Steps

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Despite the complexity of the Work Health & Safety Act [2011] and its regulations, the basic principle of legal compliance is fairly simple.

However, before we get into the technical side, we would like to share with you the one single, most effective action that you and your managers can take to improve health and safety.  If you do this, you and your organisation will take a massive leap towards compliance and protection from fines and prosecution.

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The single most effective action that you and your managers can take to improve health and safety in your workplace is to lead by example.

Yes, that’s right, if senior management can demonstrate commitment and genuinely promote that health and safety is critical to the daily operation of the business, your workers will too.  There are countless examples of how this one, single factor can largely effect the success OR failure of keeping a workplace safe and legally compliant.

Where to Start

As a starting point, you and your managers need to have a sound understanding of health and safety issues and the impact it has on your operation and the people involved.

Generally, this means:

  • Seek to understand your and your team’s legal responsibility and how this effect your operation.
  • Make your managers and supervisors accountable for WHS performance – Senior personnel must be involved and lead by example or failure is almost guaranteed.
  • Involve Health and Safety in all operational decisions and relevant meetings

Of course, you need to back your basic knowledge and commitment up with a systematic approach, which is ofteContact Usn referred to as a “Work, Health & Safety System “  or “WHS system”.

How to get critical information

We would like to share our expertise with you and invite you to attend the 1 hour “Manage Workplace Health & Safety Risks in 5 Simple Steps” webinar on the 18th August (from the comfort of your own desk):

During this webinar you will learn the 5 critical steps you should take to effectively manage the risks in your workplace, which will include discussion of the following:

  • How to identify hazards;
  • How to assess risks;
  • How to control risks;
  • How to review controls;
  • How to keep records related to these risks

We encourage you to take advantage of the information that this webinar will provide..

Please click here to complete the booking form and your webinar link will be emailed to you prior to the event.

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