Are you prepared for Gen Z in your workplace?

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The future is coming fast, Millennials are aging, and a new generation is entering the workforce: Generation Z is here!

Whilst Millennials and Gen Zers share many similarities when it comes to workplace preferences, there are also many distinguishing factors to be aware of if you want to appeal to this generation’s values and attitudes.

It pays to be aware of this or you will risk losing their fresh ideas and talent to your competitors that may be willing to conform.


GEN Z – The final generation?

Millennials, sometimes referred to as ‘Gen Y’ are those born between 1980 and 2000 (As defined by United States Census Bureau). Anyone born after that is a member of Gen Z.

Gen Zers were born into unstable times: As kids and teens they have witnessed the rough edges of the world including financial meltdowns, unspeakable terror acts and environmental mayhem. Whilst their Gen X parents watched in horror, an unstable world is the norm for Gen Z, and it’s driving them create non-linear paths of work and education.

Having witnessed the financial impact certain world-events had on their parents, they are more inclined to look for security and stability from an employer, whilst exploring opportunities and taking risks in a smaller scale on the side.

Career paths

Even at a very young age, Gen Z are creating their own opportunities. In place of more traditional jobs in retail or hospitality, they’re taking on freelance work, sharing “how to” videos on their own YouTube channels and selling things on eBay. These efforts are teaching them to think outside the box and setting them up to become tomorrow’s leaders in innovation.  Gen Zers want to have a positive impact with their jobs and share their learnings with the world. Self-development and eLearning opportunities are high on the agenda with this generation. Employers that are willing to invest in training and embrace free-form and out-of-the-box thinking will benefit the most.

Strength and Weakness

The Zers are the first generation to be born into high-speed internet and seamless global connections. For Gen Z, every moment is prime for interaction and toggling between 5 screens is not unusual for them. Switching between different tasks and paying simultaneous attention to a wide range of priorities comes naturally to them. They have resolve, ability to create collaborate and take risks. This can be perfect for a progressive workplace that requires multitasking. But, if you’re looking for employees who can focus deeply on a single task for a long period of time, you may want to weigh up your options. Resourceful, creative, entrepreneurial and always connected – this generation promises to create a world unlike anything we’ve ever seen. However, they are much more likely to have multiple careers and don’t like to become stagnant, so, they’ll take their skills elsewhere if they don’t see growth potential.

Of course, every member of a generation is an individual and will have their own unique traits but keeping these things in mind could help you prepare to welcome this new generation to the working world whilst advancing your business at the same time.


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