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Rollercoaster.widecThousands of jobs for theme park project South of Cairns.

Cairns dedicated Environmental Engineer Kim Forde from “The Missing Link” says:
Since the announcement of Significant Project, we have been busy liaising with Advance Cairns to support their project of bringing a film studio to the region as part of diversifying the businesses here, and encouraging more films to be made here.

We will be bringing one of the biggest film studio’s in the world here as part of our project…. expect a formal announcement of who in the next couple of months.

We are expecting an answer before Christmas from the Commonwealth Dept of Environment, Water and the Arts to identify if we have to conduct additional studies to confirm that there will be no negative impacts on World Heritage rainforests or reefs.

We have arranged briefing for Jim Turnour to enlist his help with Commonwealth assistance and to let him know of the potential 4000 jobs over the life of this project. We will need locals to plan, construct and to work on the site in the movie studio; theme parks; hotels and golf courses, but also there will be job opportunities for 100’s of others to supply the local quality food; great customer service; uniforms; cleaning; transport; …… the list is almost endless.

Jobs Cairns

The first jobs to come to this region for this project will be in the environmental area, with a local company to be engaged to do the environmental impact studies. The announcement of who that is to be will be early next year.

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