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Workplace Health and Safety Products (WHS)

Workplace Health and Safety (WHS ) is critical to the success of any organisation, but with constant changing obligations and massive penalties for non –compliance it is often an overwhelming responsibility for owners and managers.

The bar has now been set even higher with the new national harmonisation laws in effect as from January, 2012. The Authorities now expect every organisation in Australia to do more in an effort to maintain a safe workplace.


The penalties for non-compliance include 5 years imprisonment and fines of up three million dollars. 

How can you improve workplace safety?

Answer: The first step towards a safer workplace is the implementation of a Health and Safety System.  

In our safety conscious business environment, no business should operate without a Workplace Health and Safety System. It is critical to your operation and dramatically reduces your risk exposure.  Simply download it now and take a massive leap towards getting your WHS under control!


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