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Accommodation in Cairns 

As Cairns is a tourist destination, visitors can choose from a great variety of accommodation styles, from campsites to super-deluxe international hotels, depending on your taste and budget. The following link has a comprehensive search engine with accommodation listed from A-Z Cairns Accommodation Website

There is plenty of accommodation available for short and long-term leases.  Accommodation in Cairns rentals start from $150 per week for apartments and $200 per week for houses.  There are also a significant number of fully furnished apartments, which can be ideal for newcomers to town. Younger people often choose to share accommodation, to keep costs down, so they can enjoy the myriad of facilities and Cairns lifestyle just that little bit more.

The best ways to find out what is available is through a Google search for “accommodation in Cairns”, the Cairns Post newspaper on Saturdays and Wednesdays, or by calling local Real Estate Agents.

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