The Importance of inducting new Employees to your workplace

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Employee induction programs differs from company to company and also depends on the type of industry. Some view induction programs as a chance to welcome and support new employees, while other companies view the induction programme as a waste of time and hope that their new employees ‘hit the ground running’

Apart from being a legal obligation, the new employee induction program is an essential and critical final piece of the hiring process.

Here are the two main reasons why you should have this in place:

  • It starts the employee off with the right information to ensure maximum productivity as quickly as possible.
  • It fulfils your legal obligation to train the new worker in safe work practices

In addition, a strong induction process helps reduce stress and anxiety associated with a new job, and improves their morale and feelings about the new job and organisation they have joined.

Signature Staff New Employee Induction Tool-Kit

Induction programs can include both training and mentoring, can be conducted by HR and/or the department manager, and may last weeks or even months. Regardless of the length, these programs allow the employee to gain valuable information regarding the organisation and how they are expected to integrate with it.

Benefits of induction programs include:

  • Workplace Safety
  • Increased retention rate
  • Improved employee moral
  • Increased productivity, and;
  • Increased sense of acceptance into the organisation

A well designed employee induction program not only saves your money and time in the long run but it avoids money being spent on covering absences such as hiring replacements.

A number of organisations do not provide a structured induction training which means new employees are then left to pick up the information necessary on their own or through asking, following or copying existing employees.

However, new workers are often anxious and a little shy, which may prevent them from getting information this way. This can lead to new employees not learning the “right” way of doing things, loss of productivity and serious issues such as safety breeches and in worst case, fatalities. As an employer you could face financial loss, prosecution, fines and even jail sentence, depending on circumstances.

Your induction program should include:

  • An introduction to your organisation’s policiesand procedures
  • Face-to-face introduction to key staff
  • Tour of the workplace, pointing out all important facilities
  • Safety and Emergency procedures
  • Instructions on how to complete day-to-day tasks in a safe manner

If you need help with your organisation’s induction program, we have great ‘ready to use’ templates or you can Contact us now for a customised program, tailor-made for your type of business.


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